What’s on

“There’s lots to do at

The Phoenix Project”

Below is a list of the different activities on offer throughout the week at The Phoenix Project. We are always looking for ideas for new and exciting groups and would welcome any suggestions you may have. Use this list to get an idea of the types of activities you might be interested in taking part in.

Monday AM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Gardening, Woodwork
  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Horse Riding
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Cook a Meal
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Sensory Music
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Sensory, Out & About

Monday PM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Woodwork, Gardening
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Computers
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Art
  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Yoga
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Out & About

Tuesday AM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Bowling, Sensory Physiotherapy, Sailing (summer)
  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Woodwork, Gardening
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Choir, Sewing & Craft
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Community Social Group

Tuesday PM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Dance, Swimming, Bowling
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Sensory
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Lego 

Wednesday AM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Felting, Computers
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Cook a Meal, Personal Presentation
  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Gardening
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Out & About
  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Physiotherapy

Wednesday PM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Pool Group, Sensory Games, Social Group
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Wildlife, Shopping, Cooking
  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Gardening
  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Swimming

Thursday AM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Swimming, Indoor sports
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Computers, Cook a Meal
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Out and About, Sensory Physio
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Art

Thursday PM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Bowling, Sports/Golf
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Hobbies, Aromatherapy
  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Gardening
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Cooking
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Sensory Music, Creative Writing

Friday AM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Phoenix Beats, Photography
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Personal Presentation, Cooking
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Gardening, Woodwork
  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Swimming
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Out & About

Friday PM

  • TPP-Icon20px-Active Aerobics, Jacuzzi
  • TPP-Icon20px-Learn Cooking, Computers
  • TPP-Icon20px-Work Gardening, Woodwork
  • TPP-Icon20px-Chill Relaxation/Sensory
  • TPP-Icon20px-Create Craft