Service users have the opportunity to participate in work based opportunities at the Phoenix Project.

Gardening – Service users are able to access our extensive gardens at the Phoenix Centre, service users are involved in the complete gardening process, working in the greenhouse cultivating plants, potting them up and selling them.

Woodwork - Our woodwork department has a comprehensive range of tools, trained staff are there to enable service users to learn skills to produce a variety of goods. Service users work on individual projects, designing and producing items for their own use. The group also work together to produce a variety of gods including planters bird tables and rabbit hutches which are sold to the general public.

Allotment – The Phoenix Project has taken on an allotment five minutes walk away from the centre. Service users have the opportunity to learn basic horticultural skills, how to cultivate the land and to grow a variety of seasonal vegetables. They will then be able to price their produce and sell them on.